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Mavic 2 Enterprise Unveiled at DJI Airworks

Today at Airworks, DJI officially announced the Mavic 2 Enterprise which provides enterprise level security and performance in a small footprint.

Inside the Mavic 2’s Bag of Tricks

The Mavic 2 camera has some hidden features that weren’t announced by DJI. Let’s take a peek inside the Mavic’s bag of tricks!

Mavic 2 Leak Title Card

Does This Leak Show the Unreleased Mavic 2?

Just a day after DJI postponed their July 18th “See the Bigger Picture” event, a new photo has surfaced showing what appears to be the unannounced Mavic 2!

Schedudrone CEO - Justin Kyser

Drone Academy Podcast: Justin Kyser – Schedudrone

Justin Kyser joins us to talk about what it’s like running the largest drone services company in Nebraska (Digital Sky) and how it drove him to create the service scheduling tool, Schedudrone.

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